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    I dont want to use Essentials cause i like Commandbook so this is not an option...
    But I want to use the Powertool command ... anyone knows a solution or can quick programm it?

    (BTW: Powertool can bind commands to tools: /powertool |command| to bin the command to the item in ur hand ans /powertool removes the command if no command is given.)
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    Sounded interesting, something I'd like to use too. I got a working prototype: Download

    I'm not familiar with Essentials, so I based it off your description.

    There's only one command: /powertool (or /pt)
    It defaults to binding left-click, but you can bind right-click too by adding "-r": /powertool -r <command>
    You have to type out <command> without the first slash.

    The permission node is "powertool.use", which, for now, everyone has by default. (Change by editing plugin.yml) Superperms-only.

    I'll have it up on github and DBO eventually.
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    Wow that was fast xD looks awesome ... ill try out the next days :)
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