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  1. Okay, so Im running a Percy Jackson server (greek mythology and demigods and mosters; the like)
    My partener, Zeus (Im the ownere and Im Hadesm cuz I HATE Zeus; I feel hes overated and hades is no much more a BO$$)
    ANyways, my opartener always uses /smite and gets mad when I do it. And when we wanna RP, he has the cooler and quickier power to use (I use /fireball, even with powertool, it isnt too fast)
    we recently got a powers plugin for our demif=gods, but i was wondering if anyone know of a power/ coomand tht u can get for my seerver tht would be as cool or cooler than Zeus' /smite, but for Hades

    All Answers will B apprecuiated. Also, if u feel i have this in the wrog spot and think i can get better reponsese somehwere else, please tell me.

    Also, Im am Building the Underworld and was also wondering if there is a plguin for Cerberus
    I would really like it if it ddnt require a client mod, but i realize tht specific plugins are a;;ready hard to find, so if it requires server mods, thts fine.

    Idk if im missing anythuing.... If u have any suggestions for my server, since we are still in BETA, id love to hear them
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