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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by alnoise, Aug 14, 2019.

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Minecraft version: Spigot 1.8.8

    Suggested name: TabListPrefixes

    What I want: A plugin that gives players a chance to win prefixes only shown in the tablist. Other plugins were made for doing this such as TablistPrefix but they are abandoned and do not work with my version of minecraft. I want to be able to customize the prefix, along with creating the permission node in the configuration file. This will make it easy for me to just be able to add the one permission node to the player if they happen to win the prefix. What I want is pretty much an updated version of TablistPrefix because that plugin has so much potential but is not working.
    Once the player has gained the permission node for their prefix, the tablist will update and add prefix for the node they obtained from crates, voting, etc.

    Ideas for commands:
    /tablistprefixes reload- reloads the configuration file, /prefix (prefix they want set, for example if they got the prefix OG in crates, they can do /prefix og) It would be great if you could implement the prefixes and permissions for the prefixes in a config file.

    Ideas for permissions: I want permissions to be made in the config along with what would go before the name with that permission.

    When I'd like it by: Any time is great :)
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    Tested on 1.8.8

    I updated the plugin TablistPrefix since the last time he was online was over a year ago.

    If you anyone has OP or the permission * you will need to revoke the rank.* permission from them and give them the actual rank you want like rank.owner. Besides that I didn't test much else and everything seemed like it was working fine. Just wanted to give you something for the mean time.

    You need Vault.
    I also recommend using LuckPerm
    and to revoke the permission in LuckPerm it is
    /lp user <username> permission set rank.* false
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    Hey man this is fantastic that someone picked up this project again. Call me old fashioned but I still use GroupManager, do you know if it works with that? I know you recommended LuckPerms but I've never used that.

    Edit, just tried it on my server and it doesn't look like it. Gave Co Owner rank.owner perms and reloaded Group Manager with /manload and nothing took effect. Could it be because I use a plugin that's called sTabList that's interfering with it?
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    If you have OP or the * permission it will not work correctly. You must revoke the rank.* permission from anyone that has OP or * permission. I dont know exactly if it works with sTabList. I just opened the plugin and edited the errors out for you. It should work with groupmanager. If by default you dont see the word Member in the tab list then I dont think it will work with sTabList. I did not try it out with any other plugins besides. Vault, LuckPerms and the plugin itself.

    Negative Nodes
    Negative Nodes
    Group Manager supports negative nodes, allowing you to retract access to commands. This can be useful with inheritance.
    essentials.kits.* : Allows access to every /kit
    -essentials.kits.admin : Removes access to just /kit admin
    This can be useful when using the large wildcard permissions, such as giving an admin every command, but then removing access to the GM commands. Combining a summary node with a negative node can remove access to numerous sub-commands with ease.
    -essentials.kits.* : Removes access to every /kit
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