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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Apostille, Feb 22, 2021.

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    Warps to Worlds via EndPortal/NetherPortal
    Plugin version: 1.16.5
    Needed: within the next few days
    1st command:
    /portal create (nether/end) (namehere)
    [After this command is done you will recieve the nessesary amount of portal
    blocks for that portal, afterwards you would need to place them down]
    2nd command:
    /portal (namehere) set
    [Would then give the player a flint and steel and once the portal is activated
    the warp spawn will be set] (Would also allow for cross world teleporting)
    3rd command:
    /portal (namehere) settp
    [Would give the player a flint and steel, once they use it it will set the second
    spawnpoint for the portal]
    Automatic Responses:
    1st command completion response:
    "&ePlace down the portal blocks in the correct way"
    2nd command completion response:
    "&eLight the portal to set spawn point one"
    3rd command completion response:
    "&eUse this flint and steel to set spawn point two"
    Final response:
    "&e&lPortal (namehere) Activated"
    Portal delete message
    "&lPortal (namehere) deleted"
    Other commands:
    /portal reload
    [Would reload the plugin]
    /portal list
    [Lists all available portals]
    /portal delete (portalnamehere)
    [Deletes a portal]

    /portal create
    /portal reload
    /portal delete
    Allows Access to use any portal
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