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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Raideen, Aug 16, 2012.

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    I am not sure what forum if anywhere to post this. I don't need help figuring out how to run bukkit. My server runs fine. I'm using 162 with built in forge. The part I don't understand is when i'm downloading mods. There are port versions and server versions. Now most port versions look out of date and when i search for people requesting current ones they simply say It wont happen because its compatiable with forge. So how do I know whether to use bukkit ports or server versions? what exactly IS a bukkit port?

    Sample of the mods i'm trying to install

    I'm attempting to do an Install with MultiMC
  2. a bukkit port means its been "Ported" (transferred over from another version/platform) to bukkit
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    Can you give me any more info then that? Are you guys aware if other mods are now more compatiable with bukkit without ports now that forge is built in?
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    Bukkit doesnt support modded versions of minecraft. And forge is having some issues with 1.3.1
    If you are looking for a version of bukkit which works with mods your looking for tekkit
    runs off bukkit but is a modded version so Bukkit forums wont support tekkit
    feel free to check out the tekkit website
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