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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MRstrategy, May 26, 2014.

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    I know this has been asked dozens of times and probably will continue to be asked dozens more, but I'm having trouble with my server's IP and I haven't been able to find much VIA Google searches.
    IPv4 Address:
    I have a netgear router.
    I went in to portfowarding and used the setting

    Netgear Portforwarding:
    Name: Minecraft Server
    Service Type: Tcp/Udp

    Starting port: 25565
    Ending Port: 25565
    Server IP address:
    Then after this I went to double check if the port 25565 was open on and I check it with OpenPortChecker, it came back as closed.
    I've already went into my firewall and set inbound AND outbound rules for 25565.

    All my firewalls have been turned off I believe to allow for incoming connections to be allowed.
    Im curious of other methods that would allow me to open this port and make sure it works.
    ALSO, at one point I believe I got the port 25565 open on my ipv4 and even though it was open, my external IP did nothing.
    My ipv4 address is also static encase that changes anything. Hope for some answers! Thanks in advanced

    TreeDB I use Spigot, Im not sure if that changes anything? D:

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    Locked. We only support our software, which you are not running. Seek support where you acquired yours.
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