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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by jackjorge, Sep 28, 2014.

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    Haha ok, so I was looking at my server and how inactive it is, and was wondering if there could be a plugin that had random people talking in the chat... lol (i know its random) but say there were like 100 random usernames in the plugin (dont have to exist)...

    i'd log on and see these fake players talking (saying anything) in the chat.

    Possibility with the same prefix that my defaults use:

    &f<[&7Citizen&f] &8Name&f> &f

    <[Citizen] bobby291> Hi!
    <[Citizen] pepperman203> herro
    <[Citizen] minecraftsteve23> I like this server!
    <[Citizen] jollyfart1> Me too!
    <[Citizen] eugene1931> Anyone want to join my faction?
    <[Citizen] bobby291> nope
    <[Citizen] jollyfart1> lol
    <[Citizen] eugene1931> why not?
    <[Citizen] bobby291> because... you suck
    <[Citizen] pepperman203> hahaha
    <[Citizen] jollyfart1> rofl
    <[Citizen] eugene1931> ;(


    So if I am bored, I can go on my server and just read the random chat lol

    btw the chat could also be on a loop so it nevah ends!!!!

    I'd actually be impressed if someone makes it, becasue Im really bored rn and it would be hillarious if someone joined and saw that.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    jackjorge Till they start responding on the thread. And wouldn't any scheduling chat announcement plugin work?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Well, most of them.just repeat a list, you just need to make that list.
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    Probably want to like add like fake players to the playerlist or it looks 0/100 players but 20 people talking. :p
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    This is probably the most...
    Plugin request ive seen
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    I agree :p
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    dandwhit Well how are you gonna make them say words you want, you cant expect people to magically code it so it can randomly generate a full on sentence that sounds logical, does it need to be set in a config or what
  9. XgXXSnipz Having a sentence that makes sense isn't magic, chatterbots do this although I'll admit they're obviously far from perfect. And not that anybody should go to the effort required to make such a thing for a plugin request. But maybe with use of an existing API... Additionally, your signature contains a link that is advertising your plugin making services in exchange for money - this violates rules 5 and 6. Please remove it. :)

    jackjorge Does that sort of thing sound like a possibility? I'm sure I've seen at least one chatterbot plugin that attempts to make it look like real conversation. *shrugs*
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    So you want FakePlayersOnline but with fake chat messages too?

    That would've been pretty awesome.

    You would have to write a ton of chat messages in the configuration file, though, because it is nearly impossible to generate random messages that makes sense.
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    jackjorge Get a broadcast plugin, and make sure you have a color codes plugin. Now, add broadcast messages with the ingame commands OR editing the config. Then, make up some random player names and make them say some basic lines, not "Ill trade with anyone" since other REAL users might try to trade with a fake user. Make them say "I found diamonds" or stuff. Then, use the plugin that PapiDimmi offered above me. Easy :D
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