/poop <player> - adds a poop point to player

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    I'm serious.. (replace poop with better word, sanitized for public consumption)

    When player reaches poop threshold, poop type occurs, death, tp, lightning, mob spawn whatever.. for defined amount, once, n, n over time, etc. And then resets player to poop level 0.

    - /poop <player> - adds a poop point to player
    - /pooplist - shows the poopiest players.
    - /poopon <player> [poop type] - immediately poops a randomly selected poop on <player>
    - [poop type] optional - poops specific poop type
    - /poopoff <player> - stops any current pooping.
    - /throwpoop - binds /poop <player> to current item,
    * hit player with sword adds poop, or does inverse, give poop points to attackers.
    - /bidet <player> - sets player to 0 poop.
    - /flushpoop - sets all players poop to 0.
    - /dysentery [poop type] - immediately gives all players poop.

    define options etc..
    poop types, death, lightning, ban, timers, all that.

    nice to have: sql support, or some kind of report output suitable for web posting etc.

    please, and yes I know about Annoyer.. I want more it's just not enough.
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    omfg that's such an awesome idea.
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    @Tibs Sounds like a useful plguin lol

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