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Discussion in 'General Help' started by WireleZz, Apr 13, 2015.

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  1. Dear bukkit peepz,

    For the past 2 months i have been making all kind of shops in my server and everytime i try to keep people voting for my server for them to gain more money ingame for the shop but for some reason people keep making profit from only using my shop and they dont even have to play survival in my server they just walk around in my shop and troll with me and give other players free money.

    Ive been thinking to remove all the sell prices for all the items so people could only get money from voting however $##$%#$ people that dont know how to vote because they are $#%$%$ they still want to be playing on the server while not having to vote and just sell items so i couldn't do that.

    Ive been trying to search for a better idea to solve this, The other day a friend came to me and said why dont you download one of those premade "worth.yml" from the internet so you know the prices are set correctly and people wont troll with you or your shop.

    But now my issue is that Minecraft 1.8+ has came out since just a while and when i search on the internet for a list thats already been made its from before 1.8. And that sucks in my case.

    I need one that is up to date.

    The shop i am currently using contains 90% of all items, yes it toke me 12 hours to make all item frames+items inside and all signs by my self.

    However when i got this new worth.yml premade list im going to use my new shop that contains 20-25 items.

    Hereby my question towards you peepz:
    Please hook me up with one of those premade worth.yml's

    One more question:
    If i download an anti cheat from any plugin site people can just pass right through it and still use X-Ray and fly whatever they call it, Does anyone here have a good anti cheat for spigot/bukkit?
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    If you want an anticheat plugin, NoCheatPlus is the most popular.

    As for your other problem, just keep your current worth.yml and add to it. You can easily add to it with the command /setworth <item> <price>

    Make sure that the worth of the item here is less than what people buy it for in the shop. If they can buy a Sea Lantern in your shop for $2000 then make sure that when you do "/setworth 169 <price>" that the price is lower than $2000 so that they can't just buy from the shop and sell for a profit. As you'll notice I used the item ID of Sea Lantern which is "169". I prefer to use item IDs because some item names are too close. For instance, carrot and carrots. Two different items, almost the same names.

    You can view a full list of Minecraft items at:
  3. NoCheatPlus is crap, People still can cheat on the server even if thats running.

    And for your /setworth thing, If you read correctly i did that already and i know how it works lol xD
    Im searching for a premade worth.yml, So if you dont mind sending me your worth.yml that you made for all your items that be great!
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    @WireleZz Well it certainly works better than the one built into the server.
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    I haven't updated my shop to 1.8 yet lol
  6. Thanks everyone for their help, i fixed it myself! thanks again
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