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    Pluginizer v1.0
    Table of contents:
    1. What is pluginizer?
    2. Download


    1. Changelog
    2. Future Features
    4. Problems, Bugs & Suggestions
    1. Bugs known
    2. Bugs reporting
    What is Pluginizer?
    Pluginizer is an application coded in java, used to make plugin downloading easier for server owners. What it does is it connects to and downloads the latest version of any plugin. Using Pluginizer you can type the name of a plugin, and get it's decription and download it's latest version directly to your computer, making plugin finding and downloading a piece of cake.
    Click here to get the latest version of Pluginizer.
    If the link is broken please let me know and I will change it with a working one.


    Future Features
    Red - Not started | Yellow - In progress | Green - Finished
    Making the Manual Searcher working on all computers
    Finding plugins by descriptions / categories
    Download plugins from other sites

    Problems, Bugs & Suggestions
    There is currently one known problem in Pluginizer, and that is that the Manual Searcher doesn't work on all of the computers.
    If you think you found a bug, a problem, or just have a suggestion or an improvement you'd like to see on the pluginizer, please let me know in the comments or in a private message, and I will try to make it work as soon as possible.
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    Removed Mediafire link.

    Please upload your File on another site like Dropbox for example.
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    Why was mediafire removed from authorized download sites? Its safer then dropbox.
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    Any screens? No screen no dl
  7. @Goblom Under what grounds is mediafire safer exactly?
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