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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by stepmuel, Feb 26, 2015.

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    I made a couple of bukkit plugins and now need a couple of testers before releasing them (if possible this weekend). I've been running them myself for a couple of weeks now and don't expect many bugs. I also want to find out if people understand documentation and are able to figure out how stuff works.

    I need the plugins for a research project involving statistical analysis of player behavior. More information about the project, plugin download links and source code can be found at REDACTED

    The first plugin (Epilog) records player events and sends them to our server for analysis. A web interface can then be used to access analytics like heat maps. (The web interface is only a prototype currently.)

    The second one (DiviningRod) introduces divining rods which help users find other players or specific locations. Named targets can be created by placing signs including hashtags. We want to use this plugin to understand and improve player collaboration.

    Even if you are unable to install the plugins on a server, any kind of feedback and input is appreciated!
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  2. I think thats the wrong segment...
    don't want to be rude, but i think here comes the code issues and stuff like bugs
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    My plugins have the worst kind of bugs… the ones I don't know exist :)

    Can you recommend a better place to post? This seemed to be the best place to reach Bukkit developers…
  4. @stepmuel are you searching for ppl who test your code or your plugin? because you said you are tring to reach developer. testing and finding bugs can also be done as a normal user. upload the plugins on a seperate server with whitelist and premium, so only your testers can join and then let them play and use the plugins. if a error occurs ingame or in console it is your job to figure out what went wrong. testing should always be made not only by normal users but a mix of developer and normal users is always good. because they do things a developer wouldn't even try because normal users are stupid xD if you want developers to test your plugins you would have to share your code and give them the possibility, to work on a server which console they can access. a small vserver would be a possibility
  5. i think what he's trying to say is that he need people to check for his plugins
    @stepmuel you can post you bugs and issues here and we will check them
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    This is not the place for this. If you want people to test your plugin get your friends to. Report bugs here don't get people here to look over your code or find bugs for you!
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    @Shmobi I'm planing on installing the plugin on a low activity public server next week. Setting up a separate server explicitly for testing is a great idea! I don't even think I would need to whitelist it… Then again I could just use the existing server which might be more interesting to play on.

    The source is available at REDACTED LINK after clicking Details. I am targeting developers first because I am worried I might loose potential users by exposing them to an unfinished product. In the end I am looking for people looking at my code, testing the plugins and maybe even using them.
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    Locked as these plugins do things that we don't allow
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