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    Plugin category: I do not know

    Suggested name: StaffBroadcast

    What I want: This is a very simple plugin. I would like to see a feature where you can type a command and it broadcast's it to everybody in the server! But the message isn't one line, it is about 1-8 lines, and you can edit how many lines of the message you would like to add. You can add color codes, but when you do the command /staffbroadcast (Message) The message will have the message you put in the command, and so it will still have 1-8 lines, how much you want, but inside the chat message where it broadcasts the staff message to the server, it says the message inside of the chat message. Get it?

    Ideas for commands: /staffbroadcast (Message) - Broadcasts the message

    Ideas for permissions: staff.broadcast - Permission for staff to broadcast a message

    When I'd like it by: Today or Tomorrow.
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    could u be more specifik or show a picture i dont really understand where u want the message
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