[Plugin Request] /warp /spawn /home and I guess teleport all in 1 plugin!

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Kane, Jul 13, 2011.

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    Right now Essentials supports all 3 of these features but its a bit to much overhead plugin just for 3 small features.

    1) /sethome /home = permissions and multiworld support. So if you /home in nether you end up at your /sethome in nether only or if not defaults to nether spawn. You never ever go back to say Build world. (unlegit)

    2) /warp = permissions and multiworld support. Also advanced permission system so you can set permissions to each warp if you like. Example!

    /warp trade

    - pluginname.warp.trade (this what permissions look like. Admin would be like - pluginname.warp.* or pluginname.*

    So vip users might have /warp vip and permissions be like - pluginname.warp.vip

    3) /spawn with multiworld support. Rather then /spawn taking you back to the main world it only takes you back to that world your in unless a config option is set maybe?

    Also I guess might as well add /tptoggle /tp to char name /tphere /tpall and such. I guess maybe a plugin that deals with all teleportation features in 1!
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    Would love this too.

    Though I'd rather have it so that right clicking / sleeping in a bed would save an individual spawn point and there'd be a difference like /spawn returns you to your bed spawn point and /groupspawn or so to the main spawn point in your world.

    But yea it sounds good a all in one plugin for this.
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    this is basically just essentials except /spawn wouldn'tt support multiworld..
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    Hi, if you expand on a list of the commands, their variations, and exactly what you want them to do, I'll be able to better fulfil this request.
    It's one I'm looking into very definately. Yaml storage fine?

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