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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Ck1000MC, Nov 11, 2014.

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    Hello everyone, I'm here with a new plugin request, called Hub Gizmos. It's basicly a GUI-item- permission-based-special-ability type thing. Here, check it out:
    /hg wand - hg.wand - select areas where people can open item crates, or use items
    /hg itemcrate [add/remove] [amount] [player] - hg.itemcrate - give/remove item crates from someone
    /hg setworld [worldname] - hg.setworld - select world that gives emerald GUI on respawn
    hg.item - Allows to use item even with ammo or even when unlocked
    • Item Crates, when opened, unlock ammo for certian Hub Gizmos. Also, they can execute commands.
    • Everyone gets one Item Crate every 3 days.
    • The GUI - When you respawn in a certian world, (/hg setworld [worldname]), you get the emerald which when right clicked, opens a chest GUI that has 5 categories: Effects, Pets, Mounts, Morphs, and Gizmos. When you click one of these, a new GUI opens and has certian items inside. If you have ammo for Gizmos, you can activate it and clear your inventory, and get a clock. Now, whenever you left/right click, you use the gizmo at the cost of reducing your ammo. If you click the clock the gizmo dissapears and you revert backto your original inventory.
    • When you get an Item Crate, it appears in your inventory. When you right click it, it opens and shoots a firework at 0.00001 duration from your head. Then it either excecutes a command or gives you ammo for Gizmos, gives you a mount, a pet, a morph, or effects.
    • 3 Rarities; Common, Rare, and Majestic
    Fires a TNT about 5-7 blocks and explodes. Makes players go flying. TnT doesn't destroy blocks.
    Anvil Fall
    Anvils fall from the sky and hit people around you, causing slowness 3 for 5 seconds.
    Snowball Gun
    Shoot a cone of snowballs (15) and slow people for 10 seconds.
    Bat Bazooka
    Shoot 10 bats. giving a punch (times 15) of knockback to whoever the bats hit.
    Surround yourself with stone and dirt, lasting 7 seconds.
    Mob Blaster
    Left click to shoot mob about 5-10 blocks, right click to change mob type (Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Creeper)
    Ride around in a minecart at the speed of a boat.
    Ride around on land AND in water, same as Minecart only better!
    Right click to change horse color. Unlock Skeletal and Zombie by sacrificing 3 hours of all Gizmos.
    Ride on an Ender Dragon and right click to shoot fire onto the ground. Touching people gives them huge knockback.
    Right click to shoot fireballs and fly.
    Have rain all around you.
    Flame Rings
    Have 3 rings of fire particles around you.
    I got to go, I will edit/add the rest of this later so keep watch!
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    Use the format please. It's not necessary but the state the thread is at right now, it hurts my eyes to read.

    EDIT: Why is there even a poll.. this is a plugin request section. I have no clue why people even add polls here.
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    Sorry I will change it
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    Ck1000MC no one will make this as it is a huge request just like most of your posts
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    Ck1000MC Nobody will make this plugin for you, because it is a very large request. When you request a plugin that is very large, the chances are nobody will develop it for you.
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    Well I'm sorry... I just want this to be here just in case I find someone to do it. Thanks.
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