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    Part of our long term goal is to phase out the Plugin Releases and Plugin Submissions forums.

    The next step in that process was moving the plugins from the Plugin Submissions forum to either Plugin Releases or the Inactive/Unsupported forums. This resulted in a great many plugins being moved around. Please look to both those forums if you are looking to find your plugin.

    As well as processing the Plugin Submissions forum, the Plugin Releases forum had many plugins that appeared to be inactive, or not recently updated, moved out of that forum into the Inactive/Unsupported forum.

    It is strongly encouraged for all plugin developers to fully utilize all that BukkitDev has to offer. However, we understand you may want to use the Plugin Releases section for discussion. In that case, please remove the version number (eg. [1.4.7-R1.0]) and replace it with [BukkitDev]. This will allow you to keep your plugin page in the Plugin Releases forum as long as your BukkitDev page stays active.

    If you have found your plugin marked Inactive and moved, but you still wish to have it in the Plugin Releases section, please update your plugin page and report it using the report button. Our staff will move it back as soon as we can.

    Thank you for your continued support of the Bukkit Project.
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