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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Binaryclock, Apr 13, 2011.

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    I'm suggesting that we could have some sort of plugin validation, or rating system. Experienced java programmers and system administrators could be able to judge the plugin's overall construct. I think this would force more people to take greater care in their plugin releases rather than slap something together in a night, and release it with haste with performing very little QC or documentation.

    What are your thoughts?

    We need some sort of checks and balances system to filter out some of these releases.
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    Well I don't really like this programmers idea, what makes a good plugin and a good performance depends much on different coder opinion...
    For example you may say that using a Timer versus bukkit schedule is a bad practice and will return bad performance, but a good coder can make a timer sync with bukkits thread, and other coders might not understand that
    Another example:
    Zones... some use polygons others use rectangles others use position limits, all three might give you bad or good performance

    The ideia of a plugin ranking is great, I already asked for it a few weeks ago... but the criteria should be what users think of it on a scale of 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 :)
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    i think rankign is bad because new programmer who are just getting to grips if their plug ins are rated badly it may dishearten them and make them give up.
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    True, there are many trolls amongst programmers, many say its wrong just for the pleasure of trolling!!
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    Necro-bump. My apologies.

    I see nothing wrong with a Plugin Rating; it would help me to find the more "experienced" and well versed plugin developer's work. That way I wouldn't have to dig through entire lists looking for something that "suits" the need.

    I don't see why you couldn't have a [IN DEVELOPMENT] system; that requires fledgling (and/or professionals; depending on the scope of the plugin) Programmers to acquire testers and work out the kinks in their new plugins, they can then switch it to a [RELEASED] version - then the rating system can start for that plugin. As a more hands-off Server Administrator I don't want to test new Plugins I want the ones that work and have been working, with Active and helpful Development. Hell I wouldn't even mind a rating system for Plugin Developers, what's progress without competition.

    I understand there is always a need for testing, and testers, but not all of us have the time, or the ability to critic where needed. So I see no reason to require someone to.
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    Well, there is already an [IN DEVELOPMENT] system, so to speak. It's called the WIP section.

    However, it's HIGHLY under-used, and hardly anyone ever checks on it. (Unless you're following huge plugins like Heroes/ApocalypseCraft)
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    Oh indeed?

    I just meant in a general way; as in when a Developer submits any Plugin, not just something they want to call WIP. Sort of a like a standardized process of Plugin Submitting; requiring the format that we use now along with a usable plugin that needs testing, call it [Work In Progress] (what have you). Then once it's a satisfying plugin, less bugs as possible, etc; they can request for it to be put on the Rating System. Could be helpful to new Devs that need bug testers.

    The rating system itself is a good idea; there's probably much easier/more realistic ways to implement it.
    The search system works fantastically don't get me wrong, it would just be a nice feature for us "neat" plugin hunters.

    *goes to check the WIP section now*
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