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    I am looking for a portal plugin that i want it to work in my way.. So this is what i want..

    1. In the config file you can add who can create this portals and close them.. So if i add a couple of names to the config file they can create the portals, if they have the OP position..

    2. How to the teleport work: Well, you put a sign on something exemple a tree or a wall.. When you put the sign on the thing you write this

    Samshome (Where the teleport are now)
    Tradepost1 (Where you wanna get teleported)

    Example, this picture..

    Thanks for reading, and i hope someone can create this one for me! :D
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    Would like to just use one plugin and not .. 3 kind of plugins. If i use to many my server kinda gets laggy.. Don't know why but it just do.. :S Would be great if someone could put these 3 into one or do the one i requested ;) Would be whonderful..

  3. Multiverse-Portals is really the best way to go! It is one of the easiest, simplest and most complete one out there!
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    Well, about the sign feature, I can't find a similar plugin. However, I have some great ones for you here. iGates is a fancy portal plugin that let you create a custom shape portal with cool effects like wall of water, wall of lava, or wall of spider web, etc...You can also set the price to go through that portal. RealTeleporter is also a good one. It let you create a custom shape portal with looping feature (you can go back and forth). The third one is the simplest, and also my favorite: Portals. It allow you to easily create a custom shape portal, and custom channel. Custom channel allows you to have many entrances and one destination, or the opposite. If you want your players to be able to create portals as well, just give them the permission node to do it.
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    None of them works.. Just saying Unknown command -.-' tried all of these

    But i would just like to have like this..

    If someone found a sign like this.. It does mean that he is in the Temple and will be teleported to PHOME if they click it.. The picture below.. :S

    When he clicked the sign he will be teleported to this place.. The base of our portals..

    If he click any sign of these he will be teleported to the destination where i sat the other sign..

    ^_^ Bump

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  6. I may give this a try tomorrow, but no guarantee it's the first plugin I'll do :D

    Just finished
    You can find it here:

    My first Plugin. Yay :D

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    When i click your link it just..
    "Files, not founds"
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    Does it work as i want? :D
  10. If it does, Sortal also works. And has more options. And more configurability.
  11. yep
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    I used Sortal for now but does not work really with the private and such.. My friends need to be in OP position to even use the portal -.-'
  13. Well, then there's something wrong with your permissions plugin. I tested it, permission-wise too, and it worked just fine. I seriously couldn't think of anything else being the cause.
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    Could i ask you for a thing? Make your map for a winrar file and sent it to me.. ? Because i does not work for me :S Tried reinstall it 2 times :S
  15. What permissions plugin are you using then?
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    Just using Sortal?

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