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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by ScriptManTomz, Nov 5, 2011.

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    hmmm...maybe i can, but can you tell me how the payments on real money works?
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    Paypal ofcourse.
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    i mean...describe it more clearly
    what i understand is this

    when a player typed /permi buy somethingsomething
    and that somethingsomething requires real money
    that player will recieve a message that says something like
    "This requires you to pay <amount> by Paypal on the account <>" ?
    then also the owner will recieve a message too that says something like
    "Pending: player bought somethingsomething, please check your Paypal account" ?
    then after the player will go to his paypal account and pay said amount to the email address
    then when the owner check his paypal account and if he recieved the money, the owner will type a command to allow the transaction or something?
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    Sorry, I thought you were intending how you'd get paid.

    I shall get the owner to explain.
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    when someone wants to buy VIP he just buys it using the commands, than he goes to the site (or other way round, doesn't matter) and pays for the package he wants to buy using paypal or whatever. when an admin (name defined in the config) logs on he/she gets a message that <x> would like to buy <x>. he can accept it using a command (after checking his mail). it would of course be even better if it was linked to paypal somehow but this is fine.

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    DomovoiButler trying to find a wayt to link paypal to the plugin cause this will be so much easier for the admins and the users...what im trying to do is when a player types /permi buy ss, and this 'ss' requires $3 paypal
    then the player recieved a message like "This package or permission Requires you to pay $3 Paypal money"
    "reply with yes or no"then the player typed yes

    then maybe a browser will open waiting for the payment, then if its successfull...the player will automatically have the package...still figuring out how to do this
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    well, dunno where but i saw another plugin, that gives you a special link.
    isn't that an opion? giving them an as small as possible link to a page where they can buy that package.

    EDIT: i found the plugin :)
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    hmmm...nvm...some says this would be easily i guess we'll use manual transactions?
    but theres another problem...the rentals, what if its a subscription paypal? head is exploding
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    It's just a one off payment then you get the goods for life. The manual way before;

    Player buys package
    Owner gets notified
    Owner unlocked abillity for player to purchase VIP from permiconomy
    player gets VIP.

    So, just just a one off payment/donation.
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    So, will you take the job?
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    still brainstorming how to do this...xD
    i have three projects including this gonna have a headache...xD

    EDIT: make it four...the tutorials too...xD
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    Meh, i guess i could.
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    sure...take over
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  16. Buycraft is what you guys are looking for. Everything your talking about is already made in Buycraft.

    buycraft isnt easyly exploited... its probs the most secure plugin around
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    yeah, lmc is right, buycraft is perfect for the VIP part.
    so i only need PermIconomy for the normal packages, the ones you buy with Iconomy
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    wow! you're a hero! :)

    it is WIP but is it useable already, that would be awesome!

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