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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by bodhistrontg, Sep 29, 2013.

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    The Mario Plugin
    Hello everyone! I came to tell you about this mario Plugin, and hopefully recruit one or more developer. If you're interested in becoming a developer for the project please add me on Skype. If you have suggestions/ideas for the plugin you may also add me on Skype or post them in the comments. My Skype name is bodhistrontg.

    So the idea is mario. So your in the hub you click the sign or what ever to join then it takes you to a server and puts you in 1 out of 4 locations the game only holds 4 people. once all the 4 people are in it will say 3 2 1 then Go! then the players are unfroze they race through the game in there on little 2 by 4 corse. they colect power ups by jumping and hitting the ?(smoth stone) block. you use the power ups to fight 2 types of mobs a turtle and a explosive turtle. the turtle if you touch it it will kill you get rid of you power ups and you start at the check point. explosive turtle if you get with in 4 blocks of it it will expload. the turtles are actally (minecarts) We will have a scoreboard you get score by collecting coins getting to the flag first and killing turtles. once the person gets to the flag the game stops and the person with the most score wins. I am making a texture pack so it will look like mario too.

    Our current team
    • bodhistrontg
    • shadow5353
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