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  1. I've been working with alta189 and I'll be putting these videos up along with a written tutorial on the wiki after I've watched his videos :D
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  3. Improved the clarity of the SQL tutorial.
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    Please add more places showing what your whole file will look like, also please be more specific as to where to put the new lines of code you are giving us because I am completely stuck.
  5. What are you trying to do here? It looks as though your trying to call a method which is non-existant.
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    So far all I'm trying to do is get the load and disable messages to work. This is my main class.
    package me.lolzrofl.SignPermissions;
    import java.util.logging.Logger;
    import org.bukkit.plugin.PluginManager;
    class SignPermissions extends JavaPlugin{
        Logger log = Logger.getLogger("Minecraft");
        public void onEnable(){
            PluginManager pm = this.getServer().getPluginManager();
  "SignPermissions 0.1a enabled!");
        public void onDisable(){
  "SignPermissions 0.1a disabled!");
  7. This can now be found in the resources section as well.
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    there was an error in your wiki, dw I fixed it :)
  9. Thanks :p
    Loads of people dive in and change stuff so I try to keep on top of it but hey

    I'll have some more spare time on my hands during half-term break so I might be writing up some more tutorials. Any specific requests?

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    I like it ;)
  11. So, any requests?
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    i would like a highly detailed tutorial on how to setup commands and then giving them permissions.
  13. Well there's already a part on setting up commands and permissions is probably a good idea.
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    To the plugin devs:
    I have a shitload of time off from school, and I'd like to learn Java (3 months to be exact)
    I was wondering if this is enough time to get started in Java (i.e making small plugins for trivial tasks, nothing big). Also, what is the best way to get into java? Through an easier language or just jump in? Online, video, books, or all three? Thanks.
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    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH.... dont worry 3 months will get you more than small plugins and trivial tasks, Ive only just started java and already got 4 plugins, trust me its easy ... well, not unless you do things like the REAL plugin devs :D
  16. 3 months is more than enough time, if you've never done any programming before then it might be good to learn a nice easy language like VB.NET to get you started on the basics but if your feeling brave you can watch some of thenewboston's youtube videos. Good luck!
    Snake coming soon!

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    add a multiworld tutorial
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    Yeah, I'm taking a class in Visual Basic next year, so if I do java over the summer, that class should be a joke I guess ;)

    I've started the newboston tutorials, and they're pretty good. Once I finish all 100+ of those, where should I go from there?
    thanks, Pat
  19. Anywhere I guess :p
    You only need to watch about 1-35 to understand basics
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    I'm on 34 :)

    *crosses fingers* I hope auto-merge is on
    Anyways, my plan is usually watch the video and, referring to the video as little as possible, make a practical use for it. Currently, I'm extending his averaging program in Video 35 so that it takes user input.

    Here's the code (unfinished).

    I was wondering if there's a way to do like testarray[all], instead of testarray[1], testarray[2], etc (you can see where I'm trying to input this in line 13) or a way to make a variable go from 0-amount, amount being the user inputed amount of numbers he/she wants to average. (testarray[0-amount] subtracts amount from zero :p)

    Also, in line 21, what does the ":" mean and where else can it be used?

    Lastly, can I continue to ask my questions here? Making my own topic in the off-topic section tends to die quickly, whereas this one stays alive.

    Thanks, Pat

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    I think a detailed commands thing would be nice. Like you have a pretty good section on it, but it would be nice to get more into detail on it. And the permissions plugin already has a decent tutorial on adding it to your plugin, so you could save your time on that :)
    Do you have any other very basic plugins you could link me to?
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  23. How would you guys like a tutorial on Github. On of my friends @alta189 showed me how so I'll write up a guide if there's interest.
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    Yeah, a github tutorial would be cool. Also, how do you export the plugins as a jar in eclipse? Every time I do it, it has errors.
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    Maybe you should add that to the HUGE tutorial. Haven't seen it from top to bottom, though.
    Checked it a second time. Yep, it's not there.
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    Yeah I saw as runnable jar and as jar file :p
  27. Choose normal JAR file, not runnable.
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    I must say, this tutorial is great. It answered a LOT of questions that I had about the core of plugins. I do have a few requests, however. Could you put in a few basic examples of block manipulations, entity spawning, checking for entity interactions, anything that includes more specific sections of bukkit API? Just to get a walkthrough on any of those would help me greatly in learning how to correctly implement them.

    I know you offer the source to the two plugins of yours, but it doesnt show 'in detail' how to add the ability to, for example, Spawn a block based on an entity being attacked. (not a specific request, just an example of the type of thing I'm looking for)

    But still, amazing tutorial.
  29. Ok, I'm glad this helped and thanks for your feedback :)
    The source code of those plugins should help you to get an Idea but I will make a tutorial explaining block manipulations and some other things including some you suggested and break it down and explain how it all works.
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