Plugin Development - A HUGE tutorial! [Status : Under Development]

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Adamki11s, May 17, 2011.

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  1. Donate for my hard work and encourage me to keep updating & improving this tutorial :D[​IMG]

    Reserved ;)

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    <3 love regio's man.
  3. Thanks :D
  4. and how to enable/dissable PvP?
  5. This is more of a generalised tutorial, from this you should be able to understand and figure the rest out by yourself by looking at other source etc.
  6. Added section on block manipulation.
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    Thank you for the part about 'defining a Hashmap'
    I began programming a stopwatch in the morning, and got stuck on how to make an array, with a Player as index. I used your tutorial to make per-player stopwatches, again thank you!
  8. Your welcome, glad it helps :D
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    the onCommand part should to state more clearly where onCommand should go and that you dont register it like a normal command. Many people are confused cause they dont know to which listener it belongs to and then use the onPlayerCommandPreprocess.

    Also it would be good if you'd add some complete source code examples.

    But anyway great tutorial.
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