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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by furt, Jan 10, 2011.

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    Im not sure if this has been talked about yet so ill go ahead and ask.

    Will there be a auto disable for plugins that break apon a new release of bukkit.
    For example theres a bukkit update and it breaks guardian will there be a built in feature that will detect the error and disable the plugin so that it stops it from damaging the server in any way?
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    Knowing how this would have to be coded in a more general manner, I'm doubtful.

    If anything, Bukkit could mark any plugins that depend on anything before version XYZ to be broken and not load them, but that wouldn't be the most reliable method; in most circumstances, the plugin would in fact work, and just need to have the version of Bukkit that it requires changed.
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    Plugin could report features that depend on to Bukkit. If any of tham are borken, it could block the plugin.
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    That wouldn't be the most practical solution, as plugin devs would have to change that for probably quite a lot of major as well as some minor changes.
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    Maybe some kinda of error reporting system for plugins built in bukkit so that you could use it when developing plugins and then u could possibly have a config like autodisable=warning,severe this would disable plugins that trigger either of those checks
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