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Discussion in 'General Help' started by BurbeyhhPlayer, Dec 28, 2014.

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    Hey guys so i got an bukkit server and here it is i am owner rank im using GroupManager So it says owner [myname]
    The thing is if i add my self as admin/default/helper/mod it stil says owner and now i reset my whole server and it says [default] and when i add my self as owner it stil says [default] and if i add my selfa dmin /mod or anything it stil says [default[ but i stil got the rank permissions and if my friend is cahnged to admin/mod etc he changes it dosnt stay locked at noob or co-owner as he is but for some reason i was stuck at owner before but now im stuck at [default] please help!!!!!!!
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    Larry Newman

    That was probably the worst run on sentence I've ever seen :p

    Also, you may have a specific player assigned prefix. If you do the command /manudelv <YourName> prefix then it will remove a prefix that was specifically assigned to you. To add it to groups instead, do /mangaddv <GroupName> prefix <PutPrefixHere>. This will make it so whatever group you add someone to, it will give them the prefix that goes with the group.
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