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    Plugin category: Chat

    Minecraft version: 1.13-1.14

    Suggested name: PlayerShouts

    What I want: I would like a plugin that lets you use /shout which is like a Broadcast for normal Players.
    When you use /shout [MSG Here] instead of sending a normal msg to chat, the msg will have a [SHOUT] prefix to it or something. The Prefix should be customizable. There should also be a Custom Delay so people can't spam with the /shout.

    Ideas for commands: /shout
    /shout ban (To ban someone from shouting)
    /shout tempban (To temporarily ban someone from shouting)

    Ideas for permissions: shout.shout permission for using /shout
    shout.delay.[time] permission for delay

    When I'd like it by: ASAP

    Thanks lol
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    Shouldn't be too difficult. Let me try this
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    Looking Good!
    I just want to say if there is a way to set a delay between the shouts? Maybe a permission like Shout.delay.[Time].
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    @Waffles552 That is exactly what I did. I tested it with the permissionsEx plugin and it seemed to work. The time is in milliseconds, so shout.delay.10000 puts a delay of 10 seconds. I also combined the tempban and ban command into 1, so you can do /ban [PLAYER NAME] <TIME> where time is optional and again in milliseconds
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    So I can't get the delay to work, I set shout.delay.10000 as true but it doesn't seem to show any delay.
    Also, can you change /ban to /shout ban?
    And right now, when I try to use /shout ban without permission, it just spams loads of permission nodes for some reason.
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    @Waffles552 Are you sure you have the latest version? Because the spamming of permission nodes is something I used in an older version to test something. In my last post I made a mistake "/ban [PLAYER NAME] <TIME>" should have been "/shout ban [PLAYER NAME] <TIME>".

    My permissions are set up like this at the moment
          default: true
        - modifyworld.*
        - shout.shout
        - shout.ban
        - shout.tempban
        - shout.delay.10000
    schema-version: 1
    The delay is working fine with this

    Here is the link for the plugin
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