Players inventory not saving unless they log out before I shut down server.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Joshf, Feb 25, 2011.

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    Hi, I just switched to bukkit from the vanilla server software. On the vanilla server software when I shut down server everything would be saved including player inventorys etc. When I shut down on bukkit players items get rolled a specific period of time if they are logged in on server shutdown. If they log out before server shutdown however,their items are saved. Can anyone suggest to me how to fix this problem?
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    If you run save-all from the server console before you issue the stop command in the server console, does it save player data then? Or if you have the Essentials plugin, you can issue the /kickall command in-game, then log yourself out and stop the server.
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    Yeah I usually do save-all right before I disconnect the server,the weird thing is the map saves and does not roll back. The only thing that rolls back is player inventories.
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    My fix for save-all/saving was not kept when we updated to 1.3. However, it's odd that vanilla seems to work as it's a bug in vanilla that saving only saves the world, not player data.
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    I have noticed this as well. I now use the console to save-all 3 times then restart and it works.
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    I'm unable to reproduce this. If you shut down the server properly (by using "stop"), player data should save. Though I will re-add my player data saving with save-all fix.
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    Thanks, Its Stop command fix everything?
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    Ok, I've re-added my saving player data fix for whenever a save occurs.
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    Can you upload this fix?
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    You mean this?
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