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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by F-Crafting, Oct 13, 2012.

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    Hi i have this insane problem when a player wants to break/interact with something it says in red "You are not permitted to interact with STONE,LONGRASS,GRASS" etc. etc. i dont why its the first time that it does it.I dont no if is it something that i didnt configure in the permissions i have bPermissions.Thanks
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    i have other plugins
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    Do you have essentials installed?
  5. Unless he's using EssentialsAntiBuild, I don't remember Essentials placing a block on block placement...
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    That's what was intending :p
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    Yeah the problem was from EssentialsAntibuild.Thanks for the help ! : pp
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    why do people install plugin components without reading what they do..
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    Have you put in yet?
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    Essentials comes in a zip file of 5 of their plugins, not that difficult to not notice it....
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    i have the same problem but when my friend deleted essentials it is not gone so we dont now how to fix the problem
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    I have this problem except I gave everyone the antibuild permissions that should allow them to use items but they cant why is this?

  13. If your using GroupManager as your permissions then change build to 'true' as done here:
    Code (Text):
    1. groups:
    2.   Default:
    3.     default: false
    4.     permissions:
    5.     inheritance:
    6.     info:
    7.       prefix: ''
    8.       build: true  <--- make sure this is true!
    9.       suffix: ''
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