Players Can't Eat or Shoots Arrows

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TheCakeMiners, Mar 14, 2014.

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    Hey there guys. I'm making a server and for some reason deopped players can't eat or shoot arrows. Please help me. The plugins I currently have are all Essentials, Essentials Antibuild, Essentials Chat, Essentials Group Manager, Essentials Protect, Essentials Spawn, KillerMoney, ClearLagg, NoCheatPlus, Vault, World Edit, and World Guard. This is a KitPVP server.
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    In their permissions they need and, for example, to be able to use them. That might solve your arrow aspect (do same for bow). But I've got the same issue as you for digestion, which I know can be fixed with PEX and Modifyworld, but no way am I going back to PEX. I need more world flexibility than it offers. So what to do about that, I'm not sure. I've given visitors for example but it does no good, they cannot eat. Good luck!
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    Kezza check your spelling of node.
    TheCakeMiners do you get any message trying to eat/shoot?
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    Thanks for helping though but it seems that essentials that I still have this problem though... I mostly gave up on it though. Thanks for helping though.
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    TheCakeMiners check if they can eat if they hold food and right click a nearby block. If so, a plugin has a botched up listener preventing everybody from right clicking the air.
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