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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by PexLord, Oct 18, 2017.

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    Plugin category: Utilities

    Minecraft version: 1.8+

    Suggested name: PlayerListX

    What I want: Simply a plugin that lets players do /list to view a list of online players, seperated by groups.
    For example, there are 3 groups: owner, admin, and member - if a player does /list, it will look something like that:

    There are 12/100 online players.

    Owner: player1
    Admin: player2, player3, player4
    Member: player5, player6, player7, player8, player9, player10, player11, player12

    The groups are determined by the permissions plugin groups, or by permission nodes.
    Also wish that each name will be showing the player display name instead of the regular name.

    Ideas for commands:

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible please :) Thanks in advance of course!

    Note: I know this is exactly like Essentials' /list, but I do not use Essentials, and I wish to have a plugin only for that instead of using Essentials for that single command.

    Again, thanks for those who can help!
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    Couple questions here. What permissions plugin are you using, and are you using vault?
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    The permissions plugin is PEX, and yes I am using Vault :)
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    You can use Essentials plugins to do that :)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    User knows.
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    Alright. I'll work on this and see where I can get with it for you.

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    Ups, didnt read that D:
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    Sorry I haven't posted back in a couple days, works been busy, but I'm still working on this. It's turned out to be a bit much complex than I had originally thought, but it doing good so far. I just need to finish up on some things.
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    No worry, I'll be waiting as much as needed, thanks again! :)
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    Here you go. Sorry it took a while.

    This plugin is dependent on Vault, otherwise it will disable. Also it supports VanishNoPacket, SuperVanish, PremiumVanish, and should support most other vanish plugins that use Bukkit's isVanished method.

    The commands are:
    /list - shows online players with in groups with a player count
    /plxreload - reloads config in game or console.

    The permissions are:
    plx.use: allows use of /list
    plx.reload: allows use of /plxreload
    plx.seehidden: allows player to see who is vanished, in the list.

    The config file is populated with a good configuration, but it's self explanatory and can be customized.

    If you need help just let me know.

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    Hey, first, Thanks for the plugin!
    Second, I went into an error when there were two or more players in the same group. Stacktrace:
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    Sorry about that, it was a single letter typo in the code.
    here this should work.

    Also delete the config and let it regenerate

    ** use the file playerlist_good

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    Okay, I tried this new version, that error was fixed, but now I get another one: When I am vanished, my name shows up in the list twice. For example:

    Owner: PexLord, one1
    Admin: Omnia_Z
    Member: LilyPadHero, Derperator, [Hidden] PexLord
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    If you're the one running /list, or someone else that is OP, the console, or has plx.seehidden perm , then you will see who is hidden. The list itself does not change for the console, OP, or with perm. It only adds the hidden list, so that they can see who all online is hidden.

    Now, for those that are not OP or having the perm, they only see the list as normal, with the hidden players removed.

    This is how an OP or plx.seehidden player should look:

    The first screenshot shows what an OP or plx.seehidden player should see

    The second shows what a normal player without plx.seehidden should see

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    My point is, why not adding the 'Hidden' tag before the player's name instead of making a whole new list? Also, As far as I can tell, I can still see the players who are vanished appear in the regular list, even though they are vanished.
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    As for the hidden tag, I will see what I can do with that, it will probably have to be a rewrite, as the way I worked things out. As for the seeing players in the list. If you're OP then you will see everyone regardless. You need to post a screenshot to be more clear.

    ** In those screenshots, RunsWithShovels is OP and vanished. TemplarKnite only has plx.use perm.

    Here is a new version that should take care of the issues. Same commands, same permissions.

    List now looks like:
    There are 2 / 20 online players

    Member: [HIDDEN] RunsWithShovels, PexLord
    if RunsWithShovels is in vanish, and the person running the command is OP, console, or has plx.seehidden perm.

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    It works perfectly now, thanks so much once again, you're the best! :)
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