PlayerBoss: A single player's health globally displayed on the boss bar

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by adamk523, Feb 27, 2014.

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    Hello BukkitDev! Been lurking for years, but this is my first and probably only request.

    I've seen countless different plugins for displaying messages using the boss bar. However, I've searched around for ages, and I'm honestly surprised no one has made a plugin for displaying a player's health across the server, as if the player is a boss. Like for example:

    /playerboss set adamk523

    and it would scale the boss health bar appropriately to whatever my max health is, and keep it updated for all players. On my small server, I've been working on emulating Team Fortress 2, and my users would love to have a minigame similar to "Vs. Saxton Hale" where one user is designated as a boss with high max health, with every other user pitted against him/her. I'm not necessarily looking for this plugin to modify max health, designate powers, or anything else, but only to publicly display a single player's health on the boss bar. I'm no coder which is why I'm here, but would this be possible on 1.6.4 and up?

    Permission nodes are optional; just some simple ones like playerboss.set or playerboss.view aren't necessary but more than welcome. :)
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    Permission to bump, mods? Is it allowed?
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    You bumped a post, asking if you can bump a post. Good game.

    Also you can bump once every 24 hours I believe.
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    adamk523 Working on this just now! Neat idea :)
    Will post download link when done.
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    robbo5899 Thank you so much, I can't wait to try it! :D

    Konkz There's a moderator approval process for all newbies' posts, and I haven't yet found a clear list of etiquette guidelines. If there is one, please link me to it!
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    robbo5899 As long as it works on 1.6.4 or higher, it'll be just fine. Looks just like I imagined, too - I was hoping to have the player's name displayed! :D

    By the way, this will scale to whatever a player's max health is, right? A 20 HP fight would be pretty lame. ;)

    Also, don't forget a command to dispose of the bar so it doesn't stick around, if it's not too much trouble to ask.
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    adamk523 Adding that command as we speak, when the first file is released it won't be compatible, you will need to wait for v1.1 which I wil upload tonight but approval times...
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    robbo5899 Oh, thank you so much! I was really excited to give it a test, checking its page like every half hour. It works perfectly on my 1.6.4 server, as far as I can tell! Can't wait to see the looks on my users' virtual faces with this - I really hope you'll find some good uses for this yourself, perhaps as part of your Super Craft Bros. plugin which I'd love to try sometime, and I'll bet we may see servers with this feature sometime in the future if this really is the first implementation of its kind.

    Thanks a million, and I'll be following all your work from here on out!

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