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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by GravityCY, Jun 10, 2019.

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    I was curious of finding a plugin that can freely allow my players to say whatever they want with some exceptions ofc, but if anyone specifically doesn't want to see bad words they can use /nobadwords or something similar.

    Now I don't have much experience in programming, but I think this would be a very tough plugin to create, but what do I know. If anyone is willing or knows an already made plugin like this, please let me know... or if this is straight up impossible, also let me know :)

    Not sure if this is too much too ask, but essentials compatibility etc. would be nice :p

    Have a good day!
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    @GravityCY Minecraft version? Plugin name? What should happen to the words you don't want them to see? How would the plugin know if it's a "bad word"? Should the command require a permission?
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    I enabled email notifications but it seems the didn't work, anyhow.

    Well currently I'd want it to be 1.12.2, plugin name should be whatever honestly all I am interested in really is the functionality, I'd assume like any no-swear plugin currently on the market to just replace parts or all of the word with ** asterisks, it'd know it's a bad word either from a command like /noswear add LAG, or from a config file that you can enter as many words as you want, perms... probably would need a permission so if possible admins can bypass this, or something of the sorts. I'm not demanding this in any way shape or form, if anyone thinks this is possible and can be created that would be VERY appreciated!

    PS: Sorry for the inconsistencies, this was my first post on here, and little dummy me didn't use other references from other posts. :p
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    @GravityCY Here you go:
    I hope this is to your liking, let me know if you want anything changed or it doesn't work.
    /toggleswearing - Toggles between being able to see swear words

    antiswear.toggle - Gives access the the '/toggleswearing' command

    By default you won't be able to see the swear words, you have to do /toggleswearing.
    When the plugin is reloaded, you will have to do /toggleswearing again.
    The console can always see the swear words.

    The plugin has a words.yml file, in here you can make a list of words you want censored. You can use regex as well.

    That should be all, just let me know if you want anything added. :)
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    Thank you so much man, thank you for your time and effort. This is exactly as I wanted it man! Keep doing what you do and I hope you great success. Have a good day!

    PS: i explicitly added that it was made by your current username on my server's command section, if you want that changed tell me.


    I just noticed a problem that I am facing, sorry for the delay of identifying this problem, but I legitimately did not see this for some reason.
    Anyways, the plugin seems to be removing any sort of chat formatting from other plugins, like essentials, and luckperms display names which is what I use for the [Donator] tag etc. Ex. [Donator] <GravityCY>, now it's <GravityCY> when using the plugin, I asked for essentials compatibility etc. that would be a definite needed thing for the server!

    Currently for tags in front of names I use luckperms if that'll help in anyway.

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    This happened to me to.
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    @GravityCY I see, i'm currently not at my main computer. I'll have a look at it when i'm back. I'm pretty sure it worked with the prefix when i tested it with Essentials, EssentialsChat and Group Manager, i'll test it with LuckPerms as well.
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    @GravityCY @Ryot
    I just tested it with LuckPerms and it seems to work fine for me.
    I'll attach some images.
    Plugins and versions:
    EssentialsX - 2.0.1-b601
    EssentialsXChat - 2.0.1-b601
    LuckPerms - 4.4.1
    Vault - 1.5.6-b49
    If there's any other plugins you want me to test it with then let me know.
    If you still can't seem to get it working or something, then i'll try changing some stuff, though i won't be able to test it because it works fine for me.

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