Player get Health & get How much Soups he had in he's HotBar

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by DeStickyOne, Jan 10, 2014.

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    Hey Hey Hey !
    i wanna make a PlayerDeathevent
    so its will send the Killer
    Thats he killed e.getentity.getname
    or if (e.getentity instanceof Player)
    Player p = (Player) e.getentity

    i wanna send him how much soups he got in he's hotbar
    how can i get Thats?
    and i wanna send him how much hearts he got ?

    double de = p.gethealth
    not working
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    It looks your trying to do a 1v1 plugin
    Dude first you should look at bukkit's javadocs, it could solve your problem..
    getting health: p.getHealth();
    getting soups:
    int soups = 0;
    1. for (ItemStack is : p.getInventory().getContents()){
    2. if (is != null && is.getType() == Material.MUSHROOM_SOUP){
    3. soups++;
    4. }
    5. }
  3. umm... Could you please send us your code / error log / more details if any? We couldn't help much without them.
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    Why isn't working? It works fine.. p.getHealth() returns a double.
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    The method getHealth() is ambiguous for the type Player
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    Use bukkit, not craftbukkit
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    If he wants to use craftbukkit, he could always use ((CraftPlayer) player).getHealth();
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    Yes but using bukkit is better than using craftbukkit (even Staff members allow with that)
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    Thanks so much i just found your post and my god you saved me
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    The CraftPlayer import changes each update, so unless you wanna force yourself to update each time then use

    ((Damageable) player).getHealth();
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    Thanks also is it wise to just make the move to normal bukkit instead of craftbukkit?
    moved to spiggot so using bukkit not craft bukkit but
    ((Damageable) player).getHealth();
    still works so cheers
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