Pictures... of the bukkit team!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by tips48, Oct 23, 2011.

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    Nathan C

    These pictures are definately going to be useful tonight.........if you know what I mean.

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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    You mean.. as leverage?
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    Anybody played "find the 10 differences" with the two pictures? :D
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    they are younger than i expected actually, i was assuming old farts in there basements LOL
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    Yes, yes I did.
    I am ashamed to say that this is what I pictured all of them as. However, I'm sure many people picture me as some fat guy living in a basement. (That's not what I picture @Adamki11s as anyways...)
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    So they don't even all have beards... Son I am disappoint.

    Please tell me they at least will mo up this month! :D
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    Well, I would like to know how Afforess looks like.
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    He probably looks like Gandalf, when he was young.
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    EvilSeph looks like a gay jap version of Elton john..

    WAIT ?
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    I sure hope that's what he means :eek:
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    *oof ye, Hadn't thought of that one yet.
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    Huh? :p
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    YES! One of them is Asian!
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    Just saying... after reading your post about your favorite things to eat while programming... (God, that's a lot :O)
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    1. you needed to zoom in to make out the word "curse"? I'm pretty sure everyone noticed that.
    2. of course they are, in case you haven't noticed, BukkitDev is actually a themed CurseForge.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    That's because my picture isn't shown.

    *hides behind Internet anonymity*

    More like pride. Racism would be derogatory, which his post clearly was not.
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    You have a beard that infects the rest of the crew to instantly grow beards? :D
    I'd like to point out I have the awesomest mental image right now.
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    I try to grow one but people don't like it so I end up cutting it every 2 weeks :/
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    This thread is great :p
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    screw what other people think! grow a beard nao! beard = power
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    Haha, I have an active metabolism and exercise a lot so I'm not fat :p
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    The beard...I must touch it.
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    I think MonsieurApple is 15 from his profile. So it's possible other members are young.
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    Age isn't really the deciding factor in picking staff, I would imagine. For example, as mentioned MonsieurApple is 15, but from my experience is very mature, polite, and competent in his work.
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    And he hosted (still hosts?) a great server.
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    And on the other side there are several 20+ year olds on this forum acting like 12 year old spoiled brats.
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    Unless you mean experiencing physical pleasure from using such pictures, I will assume you mean blackmailing.
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    Meet my Head Admin. 29, acts like he is 15. As in the socially akward, childish highschooler 15 year old.
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    I still wonder what sk89q looks like... I guess I'll have to wait.
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