[PEX] What's The Permission Node for Building?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by FFall123, Jul 15, 2012.

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    Okay, this may sound very very newbish, but what's the node in PEX for building?

    Is it modifyworld?
    I'm not actually use to using PEX. I used to use The BukkitPermissions, but a guy introduced me to this, which is better...

    Thanks in advance

    P.S: If you say "Why not use search", I did. If you say "Didn't you read the thread?", I did. Even Ctrl+F. Couldn't. (I even check the forum page)

    P.P.S: What's the permission node to forbid a person from building or placing a block?
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    Please remember to go into the config.txt for ModifyWorld, and set 'Enable' to true.

    The permission nodes are:

    - -modifyworld.blocks.destroy.*

    - -modifyworld.blocks.place.*
    - -modifyworld.blocks.interact.dispenser
    - -modifyworld.blocks.interact.chest
    - -modifyworld.blocks.interact.furnace
    - -modifyworld.blocks.interact.burning_furnace
    - -modifyworld.blocks.interact.jukebox

    Found at the PEX Wiki:
    Next time search a little bit further :p
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    Or just modifyworld.*
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    Oh, thanks. But what if I don't want him to place or interact with anything? Do I just leave it blank?
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    Correct, assuming this is the default rank with no inheritance that would give him the nodes from another rank that does have access
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    Oh. Okay. Thanks.
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