Pew Pew! Laser plugin. (It's simple, don't worry.)

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    Well... almost lasers. I want arrows to destroy the first block that they hit, no matter what it is (except maybe adminium), then disappear. (So an arrow can't fall through the earth, destroying everything in it's path. lol)

    Also, if possible, I'd like a config option that allows me to choose whether this works with dispensers, bows, or both. (In my case, I'm going to make it so this only affects dispensers, but bows will stay the same as normal.)

    Could someone make this for me? (I don't think it would be that hard, would it?)

    Come to think of it... if you wanted to be fancy, you could make it so when dispensers fire arrows, they instead fire a lightning bolt out horizontally, for the normal range of an arrow, destroy the first block it hits, then disappear. I imagine that would be a lot more difficult though, so I'm fine with it being the other way.

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