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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by cucci0, Sep 12, 2020.

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    Hello, i have a survival server and i always think about things to add to the server. Just now i was thinking about phantoms. Is there a way to make a phantom your pet? I was thinking that you would be able to name your phantom and be able to fly it(and be able to fly it where you like), like a baby dragon. i know they are pretty small but i think it would be a nice feature. It would be a replacement for elytra wings, without the limitation of needing fireworks to keep flying. And you would be able to stop in mid air and just "float".
    I have disabled phantoms on my server because no one likes them. So it would be nice to have a use for them. If someone decides to try making this plugin i have some suggestions.

    1: It would be good to be able to disable natural spawning of phantoms in a config, and if you disable them you can use a phantom spawn egg to spawn a pet phantom. (Then players can buy a spawn egg of a shopkeeper), or a special egg recieved by a command, and the egg would be able to be sold by a shopkeeper.

    2: It would be nice to not needing permissions for flying and using a pet phantom. Only permissions for admin commands.

    3. Admin commands, maybe a command to be able to stop everyone from riding pet phantoms until its turned on again.(This should not remove the phantoms, just make them useless) Or stoping a specific player from using a pet phantom.

    4. A 3 step leveling system for the flying speed. Maybe using a specific item and right clicking and it will level up to level 2 and increase the flying speed a little bit.

    5. A way to see the health of your pet phantom.

    6. An option in the config to switch between players being able to steal your pet or not. (admin override if this ends up being used would be useful)

    7. Making them survive the sunlight, so they won't die hehehe

    8. I have run out of ideas. The person that decides to make this plugin can (ofcourse) use their own ideas.

    It this plugin is done right or at all, it will maybe become a popular plugin. as it is a better and smaller alternative for using a enderdragon to fly around on. :)

    version: i am currently on 1.16.2
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    @cucci0 Does the phantom follow the player non-stop or can it be summoned and canceled.Also can the phantom take damage.What should happen with the phanton when the player disconnects
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    Either it acts like a horse, and it stays where you left it and set a limit where you can only have 1 pet phantom. Or a /phantom command where it summons and follows you and despawns after a set time if you havn't mounted it. and if you use a command then it need to be bought somehow. maybe if it is possible to do /phantom and you open a GUI where you can buy one if you don't own one, summon or dismiss it, and rename it. for my server i think it would be best to be able to damage and kill a phantom. You get money from killing the enderdragon. and if the phantom can't be killed no one will kill the dragon. maybe a option in the config to enable damage to a phantom? when a player disconnects 1. if it acts like a horse it can stay where it were left(and unload it so there isn't many phantoms loaded causing the server to lag) or if it uses a gui it can despawn when a player disconnects, and when the player joins they can summon it again
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    @cucci0 i wanna start making it but since school started it might take me a little bit more time than usual.How about you bump this daily so i know you still want it and if you stop you don't want it anymore and i can stop the development

    EDIT: Nvm, sorry to get your hopes high but i have just now realised how much this is going to take and i don't really have too much time since school is already starting to work us to the ground.Sorry
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    Okay :/ if you can make it more simple thats fine too, but i understand that you don’t have the time. Thanks anyway and good luck with school :)
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    You can't really make is simple since controling a entity with WASD(others than horses) takes creating a whole new entity and playing with nms
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    If you use Purpur ( , this plugin is a lot easier to make. It can handle the whole riding of the phantom for you.
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