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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by VanillaSnack, Aug 22, 2011.

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    Hi there,

    I have an Hamachi Server (paid Minecraft... just too expensive to have a 6 GB Server ^^ ) but I need help with Permissions ....

    I used the Permissions I had on my server but there the permissions were set with Group Manager ... Now I wanna use Permissions for iChat, iConomy etc. .... I added the Stargate Command to the list but somehow then I was a regular :confused: ... I wasn't an Admin anymore ? Is there an easy tool/programm that can help me ? What is the easiest way for permission without much effort :/ ( ya, and not GroupManager)

    Can someone help me ? Its hard for me to understand BukkitPermissions or bPermission or so >.> .... so what to do ?

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    I'm using Permissions 3.1.6 because it would take hours to past all the Users over but bPermissions or PermissionsBukkit are the plugins to use right now because it hooks into the build in permissions system bukkit introduced in the RB #1000. All permission plugins work basically (almost) the same. It's very simple so if you don't understand something you gotta be more specific on what you don't understand.
    The easiest way is to just look at example files and then you should see how it works.

    Read this:

    And use this:
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    Yeah I saw that... but how to configure these New Permissions ? I dont get it >.> ... I want MCler to use MCMMO, Flasebook and Stargate >.> ... Can you help me to set it up
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    Do I need bPermission and BukkitPermission or only one ? And does each one works like with the old permission 3 ?
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    You only need one of these, read the thread - look at the example file and you will see how it works.
    If you do following:

    ... nothing can go wrong :p
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    Hey, I just do not wanna to make mistakes... I just added '' to Permissions 3 ... it should work but somehow it doesnt work....
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    I looked up at it ... only question is if I should use only THAT or BukkitPerms too...

    What command for admin to use all commands ? Okay like this (example)

    please help
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