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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by smerfguy2, Jun 26, 2011.

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    I am a lazy !@#$% and have spent HOURS on trying to figure out permissions, but all my attempts have been futile. All I do is !@#$ up bukkit:mad: and thats it. Will someone configure permissions for me so that everyone can use craftbook and so there is a class that lets people ban but not spawn items? Here is a link to download my plugin folder.
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    Did you watch the tutorial vid on the Permissions thread?

    If you want everyone to use craftbook then just add the node 'craftbook.*' to the default group and make all the other groups inherit it.

    And to let a group use /give add 'commandbook.give' or 'essentials.give' or whatever your basic commands plugin is.
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    I'm so confused. When i download permissions it just has a rename me folder. And whats a node?
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    OK i watched it did everything he said (with my nodes and players though) and still nothing. will u look over my groups file and see if u can see anything wrong?
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    Wow, immediately I see errors. All the permissions should be aligned, as in they are indented the same amount. Like this:
        - 'example.node'
        - 'example.anothernode'
        - 'plugin.command'
    And delete the random spaces between the groups. It's not needed.

    Also I'm not to sure what "global" groups and users are. I think it would be safe just to use the RENAME_ME folder instead (you do have that right?)

    Just rename the folder to your world name and copy+paste your configs into the group.yml and the users.yml.
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    Yeah i do. ok thanks
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    hi I have a problem. I How to use and install Permissions 3.X angekuckt and got it only made it fungzunirt hir are not the parts. Can you help me it fungzunirt.
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