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    Hey guys,

    I'm currently using a game-mode plugin that is glitching out when the game ends. It completes the game, but the player is stuck with effects (speed / view change / slowness etc) permanently until the entire original world is replaced (deleting .dat files has no effect).

    These effects do not show in the player's inventory.

    The developer doesn't know how to fix it, he suggested using /heal with essentials, but this has no effect. Using milk doesn't do anything either.

    The plugin itself offers to perform commands at the beginning and end of a game, so if I can somehow have a plugin with the highest priority that "removes effects from all players" on command, the game should be fine to be automated.

    Is there a plugin out there that does this? Or can there be one?
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    well, if /heal, milk, death, or even removal of player.dat could not get rid of the effects, i doubt another plugin can. id look into how that plugin sets the effects instead, because effects are tied to player.dat, and there is no such issue when you set effect though bukkit API properly. can you link to game mode plugin?
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    Its this, and doesn't just seem to be the effect that doesn't get cancelled (scoreboard freezes also). Tested this on 3 servers (1 local).

    I discovered a workaround now, once the game has ended and they are teleported to the lobby, give them the same effect again with essentials for 1 second, it seems to cancel properly then. There are a lot of effects with the choices of class, is there any way I can give all effects to all players for 1, or even 0 seconds?
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    would be simple enough with a plugin or commandhelper/variabletriggers using the /effect command several times.
    EDIT: saw your video, that seems to be a pretty buggy plugin.. id like to see the full multiverse exceptions and such, may be related.
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    I can't even... in the 2 years of doing this I've never seen a plugin so buggy.

    I remade it from absolute scratch, without multiverse involved in the process at all, taking the world from the old version, and it seems to be working a lot better (although at 1 point it said the DvZ world didn't exist "coming in v1.6" using version 1.6.1). Dedicated mode seems to mess it up, "Join on free game" messes it up, and the scoreboard still freezes.

    I'm nervous to change anything now, and I still think this plugin would be useful to apply affects to multiple/all players on command.
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    You should inform the plugin developer about every bug with the most detailed description you can.

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