People tend to idolize server owners >.<

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by vapid2323, Sep 13, 2011.

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    This is SOOO familiar!
    I hate players that does that.. -.-
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    you sir are a genius. :)
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    Well sadly it looks like there are other plugins that can be configured to do something similar which was a bit disappointing but hopefully mine will be the most comical :p
    Although i am far from a genius, thanks :)
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    Is that a plugin that goes on the server and automatically start counting players time? or is it 3-rd party, i would like to have that option.

    That is good idea, but having people to apply for whitelist will decrease player count,

    On my old server when it was up all the time, i would not allow guests to build, so then they would have to apply for membership, they would be able to test the server and all and most would stay because of the little amounts of lag, or perhaps none at all, (that would be the best perk when joining my server, no lag at all) and the players would also be able to see if the map was good or not, if it wasn't all destroyed from griefing, and that membership thing would prevent griefers.
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Yes, this really is a problem.
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    It's currently private and in our domain :)
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    No, but I ask everyone before they join, part of a list of questions. I never say there is an age requirement so most people tend to tell the truth. I can usually tell if its accurate by how they answer the rest of the questions. Its not set in stone, at that age range levels maturity can go either way. We have several members who are 13 and 14. But the are mature for their age and both are MODs :rolleyes:
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    I refuse to speak with a mod, because I like to trade my body for mossy cobblestone. I don't want the owner to take it away. So I go straight to the source. Then I work that shaft and swallow teh gravy.
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    what about the people that lie? like out of half the new people who joined the server, they all said they were 16,
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    yea they kiss up to much they kiss up to me im a server owner and they say can i speak to owner i need help
    and they say can i have admin or something like that
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    Hey guys,

    As I'd installed the new mcoverhaul (Ingame Serverlist etc...), many non-german ppl joined.
    After some time "german Server? Uh F**k na*i germans **xxx***X+X*X*" and disconnect, many different ppl.

    But yes, many ppl connect and ask "Where's the owner, can I get op? No? Fu -> Disconnect"
    Whats up with these ppl? ;-)
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    There are a few way to weed out the "immature" players. Heres a few things we do and I generally get treated just the same as every other player on my server, and I like that.
    1. Whitelist. Makes a world of difference, and many servers use them. Reduces the amount of griefers incredibly too, they don't bother.
    2. Ask for an age on the whitelist form, but dont say "12+" or anything. People lie, and they always will. If they're too young, pm them privately and tell them that, most just move on and the ones that post saying about it get buried by new posts quickly anyway.
    3. Our new system is the mods/admins are "demigods" and "gods" - the server is now actually player-run and we just sort of help out when needed. We have our own world where we chill and just build what we like, while they run the roleplay parts. If we're needed, our forum has a "pray" section where they write a message to us. If we feel like exploring, we have MobDisguise where we disguise as either a mob/creature, or often someone from here on Bukkit (Hope you guys don't mind that XD) - We just blend into the surroundings and its like there is no mod/admin team, everyone helps eachother with whats needed. I guess a better way to think of it is "everyone is a mod" so we don't get idolized in the present tense.

    There is still a 30m statue of me built by a player on our old map though. But I like that :) I'd sit in my head and watch people through my own eyes

    OH, and it says in massive red letters on our main forum page: If you ask to be a mod/admin/op, you will be banned
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    Umm what?
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    Exactly. This is why being overly nice is futile and unappreciated. While you're not supposed to completely neglect your players and ignore their questions, you should hold up to your authority and not be afraid of saying "Get the fuck out" if the situation calls for it. Other players will respect that and learn to behave.

    Also, they're always morons. Why can't there ever be any intelligent douchebags?
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    That is incredible, i got the same thing, but replace admin with op. 50% chance it was trollin', 50% chance it was stupidity.

    Depends on the weight of your coinpurse, my good sir.

    also, @Flenix that's a great system, well done for setting it all up, but i'd never do that... i believe it's my job to handle the noobs, and prevent greifing without whitelisting. Though the constant noobstorm ("WILL ALL THA MAPZ BE DLEETED IN 1.8 !!!!1!!?") etc etc does get to me a lot...
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    I agree. That's why when I run a server I make my admins do everything and I hide my self xD
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