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    Plugin category:

    Suggested name: PayRank

    What I want: A plugin were you have to pay for ranks.

    Ideas for commands: /rankup

    Ideas for permissions: None

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    In game?
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    I did and I doesn't work on 1.5.2

    And Yes InGame

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    The plugin mentioned by ShootToMaim looks like what you want. Considering that there is yet to be a Recommended Build for 1.5.2, it's not too surprising that hasn't been updated yet.

    If you're just presuming that it won't work, then I would actually go ahead and try it - plugins often don't need to be updated at every new server version.
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    I have tried it and it didn't work but this is the really what I wanted.
    Note: I use pex
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    You could try asking the developer of the plugin for help, or an update. I think most of us aren't keen on the idea of making a plugin just like one already in existence, simply because it hasn't been updated to the latest beta build.

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