Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by runefist, Nov 25, 2013.

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    Dear folk,

    I am trying to use the effect of the wolf when he just came out of the water you see those particles of water shaking off him. Now I checked and there was no such particle on there you see all the particles you can use, right? I now have:
    location.getWorld().playEffect(location, Effect.POTION_BREAK, 0, (int) range);

    but is there a way to use other particles than only those? Cause I have seen a plugin sparktail I think it was and that used a lot of particles, but Idk how to import that to my plugin xD

    Could anyone help me?

  2. runefist Those are not particles but an animation. It can only be played on a wolf.
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    I use a lot of Particles and this thread might help you:
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  6. Garris0n Oh, thanks for correcting me :)
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    Thanks! Oh now I have 1 more question, when I now use splash particles they drop down :/ I want them to dissapear immidiatly after showing up, any way to do this?
  9. runefist You could try to increase the speed value, because this may cause them to disappear faster ;)
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    I am now trying

    ParticleEffect.sendToLocation(ParticleEffect.SPLASH, location, 0, 0, 0, 10000000, (int) range);
    catch(Exception e){};

    But this won't work :/
  11. runefist Well seems like the speed doesn't affect this particle effect, so there's no way to make them disappear immediately.
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    Hmmm, would it be possible to spawn immidiatly (like 0.1 sec) after the effect a block 36 at that position for 0.1 second so they dissapear in that block? :p
  13. runefist yeah this could work. You should use bukkit runnables for delaying the tasks.
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    Could you update your library for 1.7? The effect do not work anymore :(
  15. runefist Yes this library will be updated as soon as I find some time ;)
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