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    Plugin category: FUN

    Suggested name: Particle Spiral

    What I want: I want a player to be able to run the command "/particalspiral list (pg. id '1-4')" and then a list shows up in this format use the black color code for the '--=,=--' and the aqua color code for the 'Particle Spiral[1-4] and make all of the options light green:
    --=Particle Spiral [1]=--
    - Huge Explosion
    - Large Explosion
    - Fireworks Spark
    - Bubble
    - Suspend
    - Depth Suspend
    - Town Aura
    - Critical
    - Magic Critical
    --=Particle Spiral [1]=--
    --=Particle Spiral [2]=--
    - Smoke
    - Mob Spell
    - Mob Spell Ambient
    - Spell
    - Instant Spell
    - Witch Magic
    - Note
    - Portal
    - Enchantment Table
    --=Particle Spiral [2]=--
    --=Particle Spiral [3]=--
    - Explode
    - Flame
    - Lava
    - Foot Step
    - Splash
    - Wake
    - Large Smoke
    - Cloud
    - Red Dust
    --=Particle Spiral [3]=--
    --=Particle Spiral [4]=--
    - Snowball Poof
    - Drip Water
    - Drip Lava
    - Snow Shovel
    - Slime
    - Heart
    - Angry Villager
    - Happy Villager
    --=Particle Spiral [4]=--

    Okay, now just noting this if you don't want to make that menu, you can make a GUI if you can, it's not a necessity.

    Once they find the particle effect they want -- I'd like the player to be able to use the command '/particlespiral <ParticleEffect>.' When they run the command they will be given a particle effect above their head that will be spinning in a horizontal spiral, like a halo. To change their effect they simply run the command '/particlespiral <ParticleEffect>,' and to get rid of the spiral they run the command '/particlespiral off'
    Ideas for commands:
    '/particlespiral list [pg. 1-4]' '/particlespiral <ParticleEffect>' '/particlespiral off'

    Ideas for permissions:
    | particlespiral.*, particlespiral.list, particlespiral.effect, |
    When I'd like it by: Two Weeks At LEAST, A Month At MAX.


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    Particle effects are a bit hard to control in specific shapes, even with ParticleEffectsLib. I will see what I can do.
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    iWillis Unfortunately im not a big help with particles sounds and such :( Sorry
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