[PANEL] uxpanel with Minecraft support

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by uakf.b, Feb 24, 2013.

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    uxpanel is a multi-user control panel for game servers. It was originally designed for Warcraft III hosting, but has since been modified to add Minecraft (and an FTP service class is planned). It is released as free (as in freedom) software, and is actively maintained.

    Support for Minecraft is semi-functional now (released under GNU GPL v3)! The following features are included:
    • Start/stop/restart server
    • View server status and resource utilization
    • Check server log, execute server commands to the console
    • Modify server settings (server.properties has web form, other files can be edited in plain text), modify memory limit (java -Xmx)
    • Link/unlink plugins from a repository, upload plugins to the server (upload disabled by default)
    • Choose server versions from a repository, upload custom versions to the server (upload disabled by default)
    • Backup and restory world files
    • Multiple accounts, with super user who can manage accounts and set up services
    • Super user can easily "morph" into normal accounts to manage services
    • Multiple service instances, and these instances can be managed under jail.php system (separate Linux user accounts, control panel accesses them via sudo; Windows not supported)
    • Automatic cron job manager (allows you to create a PHP file that will be executed for each service associated with uxpanel)
    • Multiple server support = scalability (master hosts the database and all slave servers connect to the master database but host the Minecraft instance on the slaves; note: uxpanel and light web server should be installed on each node)
    Features in progress:
    • Setup scripts (install dependencies, install/configure the root_path files, automatically jail services after creation, cron script to automatically setup services)
    • New FTP service
    More information: http://www.codelain....p?topic=22480.0
    Github link: https://github.com/uakfdotb/uxpanel
    Issue tracker (bug reports, feature requests, etc.): https://github.com/u.../uxpanel/issues
    Screenshots: https://lunaghost.com/uxpanel_pic/
    Installation / usage: see the included INSTALL and USAGE files

    - uakf.b
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    Would love to see screenshots. :)
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    Well, it's pretty much a basic twitter bootstrap layout. Will post screenshots some time.
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    Interesting. I'll have a look at this later.
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