Ore Redistribution / Terrain Tweaker mod

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    As the title says, we (as i think i'm not the only one who wants this) need something like Wickity's Terrain Tweaker Mod to simply control the map generation (Biome size, water height, rare hell blocks, etc, just look at the features).
    I'm especially interested in the Ore Redistribution Feature, first introduced by Cadde, where you can find larger, more realistic ore veins.

    Both modders sadly gave up their work and releasd the sources.
    I hope, somebody wants to continue their awesome work.

    Btw, i know that Biome Terrain Mod kind of works for Bukkit, but it's really hard to make a Notchian-styled Map with modified Ore distribution or the features, TerrainTweaker gave me, with it.
    I loved how simpe but effective TerrainTweaker was.
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