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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by UniqueNameDen, Apr 4, 2015.

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    Is there anyway you can optimize bukkit plugins?

    NOTE:I use a custom plugin/add-on loader, so I can do anything I wan't with my plugins/add-ons A.K.A. Optimize them from the loading side.

    NOTE^2: Using onCommand for each plugin/add-on vs 1 onCommand for all plugins/add-ons?
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    Yes. You can decompile the vanilla server, de-obfuscate it, and then remake it to include the features you want it to have (e.g. all of the commands, etc).

    Why exactly do you want to do this?

    Honestly, what's wrong with the current 'optimization' of plugins?
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    Sorry, I wasn't online for a while, anyway:
    - PlayerMoveEvent, is really laggy.
    - No .freeze();
    - No EntityMoveEvent
    - Console spam /w a lot of plugins

    Also, this was solved: "Using onCommand for each plugin/add-on vs 1 onCommand for all plugins/add-ons?"
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    It is. Nothing you can do will make this better.
    What would that do?
    There is not.
    This has nothing to do with your plugin's efficiency.
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    Don't use it. Just make your own PlayerMoveEvent by running code every X tick(s).
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    But the point is, you can optimize java programs right? how would you do it with the plugins? Or is it impossible because of bukkit's API and I would need to make my own?
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    @UniqueNameDen You can't optimize how the API works, but you can optimize what you do with it.
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    Yes, you can optimize Java programs. Look at all the plugins and optimize them. Optimization is an art, not a skill. It's learned overtime and there is no fix-it-all for improving performance. Besides that, it is more likely a problem on a single end. Have you checked with using pTweaks and NoLagg yet? If you have and still have problems, run some diagnostics, and if it still continues, and you really want to waste some time, do some byte code editing.
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    You can always
    methods but that would break other plugins won't it?
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