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    Plugin name: OpenIronGP

    Plugin category: unsure

    Minecraft version: 1.16.3

    What I want: First off, this would be compatible with the Grief Prevention plugin. I would like the ability for players to open iron doors and iron trap doors by hand (or with any item), but only if they own the property the door is on. Anyone can place in unclaimed land and anyone else can use or destroy them. But as long as you place it in your claim, you should be able to open the iron door and iron trapdoor _without_ redstone, levers, or buttons.

    Basically, in unclaimed they can be placed, destroyed, and activated with redstone.
    While in GP claimed land, no redstone is required, but it must be the owner or trusted players (not accesstrust, though, just full trust).

    Commands: none necessary

    Permissions: none necessary

    When: as soon as it can be ready.
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    Hi, I am currently working on this plugin. It should be available by tomorrow. I think I have all of the code completed (you can see it here) however I still need to test it.

    I've posted a release jar with the github, though once again it may or may not work. You can download it here.
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    Thank you very much! I'll test it in a few hours when I get home from church. I didn't expect such a swift reply! Again, thanks!

    I got the following error on startup:
    Basic testing: Nothing happened when I right-clicked on an iron door. made a new one, placed it, still nothing. Same with trapdoors.

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    It would seem you got the name as the same as the plugin it's meant to work with, get an error on startup.
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    That’s... odd. Are you sure you have the updated jars? I’m not running into this error on my test server.
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