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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Antariano, Sep 13, 2011.

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    While I agree and highly appreciate your post, may I ask what you mean with "integration" and "administration"?

    Don't get me wrong, I already told you your work is awesome, and I'm happy that there are different web panels, mostly because I don't like the idea of monopolism - a user has to have a choice.

    But, to answer your post directly, there will certainly be competition, but a friendly one, aimed at providing progress and innovation.

    At the end what we are doing is providing great products because we love to do it for the people. That's what all this is about!

    I really look forward for the time when both out panels are released. It's gonna be great for bukkit :)
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    "He will ask me about the integration and administration" I was wondering minutes ago loooool.

    Its was my point of view, and about "integration", I can just say to wait CP 2.0 Beta. Im sure SpaceBukkit have a lot of suprises too!! =D

    Let keep going our great work
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    Right :D back to coding
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    Tester is a place for your Projects?
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    I really agree on your point of choice, and that's why hosting companies shouldn't just provide one panel (mostly McMA, etc.) but let their users choose what they want. And while this takes a lot of time (training support groups, making different installations, etc.) it would be a dream to be able to change if something doesn't fit me.

    But, ... I didn't know there was a war? :')

    BTW, Spoiler:
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    :D olol
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    We did some huge progress today, it's awesome! I need to tell my mum about this... ehm, my girlfriend
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    Nice! could you make a rough estimate for the first open beta release?
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    @Antariano are you just trying to make people like me jealous?
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    Did you send out the closed beta mails? if yes i did not received any mail.
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    Please read first post.
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    Little update here. We are very ahead of schedule right now, everything looks good. We have still 2 major todo's on our list, then it's ready.
    The first one is file handling - as you all know you can install, delete, edit etc. plugins, addons, file... almost everything. The file browser especially is looking gorgeous.
    The second one are statistics. We are not sure how we should do it - via external plugins or via our own methods.
    So here's a little homework for you guys:

    1) What should be displayed on the dashboard? Right now it looks like this:

    (those TODO are already done :))
    2) What would you like to see from statistics? How should they be managed?
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    I think an in world chat display would be good. Then and admin could see chat and let players know if a restart is coming or updates
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    • Basic command buttons for weather:
    A button for each weather condition (to insta-change it) and an option to make it loop in that condition (ie always sunny).​
    • Basic command buttons for time:
    A button for specific parts of the day/night and a loop mode.​
    • The "issue command" input should be accessible on every page (maybe put it in the header next to server selector).
    • Live Alerts:
    Like when someone places tnt or fire, or when one player kills another. Or if the server can't keep up.​
    • Overview of worlds (and maybe some basic actions)
    • Overview of Players (and maybe some basic actions)
    • Maybe a command history?
    You should try to include as much basic actions as possible. Maybe make the dashboard customizable so the user can choose what "widgets" to add. This way plugins can also add widgets for the dashboard.

    All the basic stuff, # of warnings for each player (and a detailed look into them), command history (not really a statistic but you could include it here), blocks placed/user, blocks destroyed/user, ...
    Probably more cool stuff, but this is what i can think of from the top of my head.

    Also some random ideas:
    • Nickname completion for connected accounts/players (in input boxes).
    • Make a difference between regular players & new players (like, a player becomes a regular after connecting to the server on 10 different days or something, or 3 consecutive days)
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    I Was Thinking The Same Thing As @BPOtacon With The World Chat Idea. And A Console Would Be Nice. And The Chat Thing, A Chat Thing With JUST The Chat.

    Ok, One Quick Question. I Got A Little Confuzed. Can We Host The Panel On A Web Server OTHER Than The One The Servers Hosted On?

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    At the moment i believe the answer is no, due to the way I think it works
    It is a feature I would like to eventualy add via a binary serverside
    But I am very busy and havent even seen it.
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    You're wrong @md_5 we can!
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    Yes! I Have Finally Found A Good-Looking Well-Made Many-Features Panel!
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    I also like @Boktor 's ideas thought would seem nice ( expectantly the issue command )
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    @Boktor @cheese5505 @BPOtacon

    I'm on it!​

    Hm... shouldn't be difficult​

    It already is, along with the console​

    This is planned. It's basically a timeline that shows you who did what, and when​

    I think the worlds page is enough for that​

    I think the users page is enough for that​

    This would require a bit of tweaking, but I will look into it.​

    Nice :D sound good!​

    That's something interesting and I will surely implement this with the help of permissions, it's a simple thing and easy to do :)

    On the way! :)

    It's already on every page :)
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    Like @NeatMonster said, we can. But there's a big difference in speed when you host it locally (for my installation) so I'd advice installing it locally if possible ;)
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    So how are you starting sTopping remote instances?
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    We don't stop RTK instance. Why would you like to stop it?
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    Definitely cannot wait for this. Both myself and @NinjaZidane are looking forward to seeing what you put out :)
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    I was thinking the same thing when typing the list but then again ... a dashboard is meant to make all most-used features easily accessible. I think it should be the page from which you can easily jump into the details of the panel. So if you want to edit a world you could go to the specific world page from the dashboard (so you dont have to go to the world-page first). The way i see it, the navigation is only useful/needed when you are on another page than the dashboard (alltough it should always be there ofcourse).

    Anyway, i love the fact you ask for input this much and thanks for answering on each on my ideas, i hope they helped. Keep the questions coming! :)
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    Is this or will this be open source
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    I would like to say that, while having a choice is a good thing, there already is a lot of hassle in hosting a Minecraft server. First you have to choose what server(mod) you are going to use, then (optionally) choose a control panel, and then find your way in a *beep*load of plugins. After that you have to push your users into installing texture packs and client-side plugins. This is a huge amount of work. On top of that, all Minecraft information is scattered across the interwebs and every website dedicated to Minecraft resources has flaws.

    By creating two different panels you are not only giving users a choice, but you are also adding to the hassle. And plugin creators will either have to choose a side or provide compatibility for multiple GUI's giving them more work. Time spent on these things is in my opinion better spent on improving their plugins or starting new projects.

    Server administrators are definitely in need of a good control panel. The ones out there (while better than nothing) disappoint. Both your panels look really promising, but why not combine the two in the ultimate Minecraft CP? To me that seems more advantageous than having another choice. In the end, both panels are going to do the same anyway, no?
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    A send a PM some days ago to Antariano talking about integration between CraftCloud and SpaceBukkit.

    Good Post!
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