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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Assasinsheep, May 5, 2016.

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    hello this is a plugin that kicks and deops players that have op but aren't in the config


    kicks and deops a player if they have op when not in the op config. If they have recieved op to many times then it will ban the user with a configurable message. Opped players from console will be auto banned

    disables use of command blocks for ops unless console uses command /commandblockallow {username}

    to remove the permission the console must use /commandblockuserremove {username}

    to view which ops can use comandblocks the command is /commandblock user list

    /opconfig reload reloads the config without having to reload the server to add a op to the list

    Permissions for commands



    I would like the plugin to be in 1.9 and be finished whenever possible

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    @Assassinsheep May I ask what the purpose of this is? If you're worried about ops that you don't trust opping their friends, don't give them op if you don't trust them. If you need multiple levels of trust, look into getting a permissions plugin.
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    This plugin is sort of understandable, If you give an admin or mod * permission they can op themselves. but There is a pretty simple way around it. I'm pretty sure the node is bukkit.op or something like that.
  4. Simple but wondering the reason behind this a permissions plugin configred correctly by a trusted memeber or your self is a great idea and just assign people to the groups
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    I thought of this idea because before in the past I have had staff members op other players this way they can not op others without permission from the owners of the server this also is use full so ops don't abuse the command blocks
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    @Assasinsheep Or you could just hire staff that are trustworthy and you know for sure wont op others
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    yes but they could lying anyone can say anything to convince you to give stuff away
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    @Assasinsheep Just use a combination of bukkits permissions (click) (e.g. bukkit.command.op.give) and a plugin which limits commandblocks (like THIS one)
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    yes but the plugin is outdated its 1.6.4 I am using 1.9
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    Just revoke the operator permission from players that are opped.
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    Add this permission to any group you'd not like to have op:

    - essentials.ban
    - -bukkit.op

    The -before the permission node meaning revoke.
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    @Assasinsheep I can take this

    Overview :

    /addop <player> 
    /delop <player>
    opcontrol.*  for all
     - MadMaxCookeis
     - bluh
     - you
    what do you think ?
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    Ok sounds great ☺just make sure Ops by default can't add players
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    you haven't responded in a while so I am assuming you aren't making the plugin anymore?
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    1. If you dont trust your OPs, get GroupManager and give them permissions (I can help you with that)
    2. Its not easy or simple, this alone takes a lot of time.
    3. Dont call things 'simple' or 'easy' if you dont know anything about Java/Programming.
    4. Good idea though, good luck. Ill be happy to get this too when its done.
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    apparently MadmaxCookie offered to make this already but hasn't responded in a long time. I also removed the word simple since you have a point making plugins are difficult ;/

    anyways I really have no reasoning for the plugin I would just like to have the features on my server because the other anti force op bans the players and doesn't work on 1.9
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    @timtower yeah @Assasinsheep you have to give me a message , tagged , quote something to push a notification of myself.

    I'll be ready once you replied.
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    @MadMaxCookie because I didn't tag you before will you still be interested in making this plugin?
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    @Assasinsheep yep as you wish like what I've said. if they are not in the list there is a actions at the config

      kick: true
      ban: true
      command: 'ban <player> reason'
    just tag me if you had any idea how your plugin works.

    @SaltyPotato sure thing.
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    @MadMaxCookie my idea for this plugin to work was when whenever a player gets opped from whoever eg the console or a player the plugin will check to make sure they are in the list. Also every so often like maybe 20 seconds or a configurable amount of time for it to check all opped players and deop any that aren't in the list and run the commands aswell in the config like the banning and kicking etc. The other way would be to check whenever a user joins if he is op and whether he is in the config or not (or all the options :)
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    @MadMaxCookie did you read the post I made? about how the plugin will work
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