onPlayerItem not triggered with buket

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by JoeMaximum, Feb 2, 2011.

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    Should rightcliking a bucket in the air trigger the onPlayerItem event ??

    Because it doesnt ... if a player is holding a buket in is hand and is in "paint mode" then when he right click with the bucket in the air, i want to change the FillMode from, lets say, "FILL" to "BOX".

    Then if a player Left Click in the air with a bucket, if it is in FILL mode i fill the area, if it is in BOX mode, i make a BOX in the ara etc ...

    Anyway to do this ??
    otherwise i'll just find something else to "cycle" through the fill options, but the right click would have been perfect ...
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    Well ... i'll use the inksack instead.
    The inksack is trigerring the onPlayerItem when rightclicking.

    The buckets are probably different because you can normally fill/unfill them with something when you rightclick with them in your hand, like water, lava, or milk.
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