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    Plugin category: MiniGames

    Suggested name: SkyFallOIC (SkyFall PVP is my server name)

    What I want: I'd like to see a mini game based after the game mode in Call Of Duty, One In The Chamber. I'd like the setup to be very simlar to Mob Arena as it is simple and easy to do. Basically, the player does /oic join (arena) and joins the arena lobby. The game has a 5 minute count down timer until the game starts (please make the time configurable). Also, if there could be a broadcast notifying the game is starting in 5 minutes and then in 1 minute. After the wait in the lobby, the player will join the arena with a Bow and 1 Arrow. The bows should have no pullback (which I think is possible) and one arrow. When the player kills another player, they gain an arrow just like in the original Call Of Duty game. There are 3 lives. So, if you die, you have 2 more chances ect. also like the original game.

    Ideas for commands:

    Player Commands -

    • /oic jonJoin the arena if only one exists.
    • /oic join <arena> or /oic j <arena> - Join the arena with the specified name.
    • /oic leave
    • /oic spectate or /oic spec - Spectate the arena if only one exists.
    • /oic spectate <arena> - Spectate the arena with the specified name.
    • /oic arenas - Get a list of all arenas. Green names are enabled, gray names are disabled.
    • /oic players - Get a list of all arena players.
    • /oic players <arena> - Get a list of arena players in the specified arena.

    Admin Commands -

    • /oic enable - Enable OIC.
    • /oic disable - Disable OIC.
    • /oic enable <arena> - Enable the arena with the specified name.
    • /oic disable <arena> - Disable the arena with the specified name.
    • /oic force end - Forcefully end all arenas.
    • /oic force end <arena> - Forcefully end the arena with the specified name; forces all players to leave.
    • /oic force start <arena> - Forcefully start the arena with the specified name; forces all players who aren't ready to leave.
    • /oic notready <arena> - Get a list of all players in the given arena who aren't ready.
    • /oic restore <player> - Restore the inventory of the player with the given name, if possible.
    • /oic config reload - Reload the config-file into memory. This is useful if changes are made in the config-file while the server is running.

    Setup Commands -

    • /oic arena - Find out which arena is currently selected, and which arenas are available.
    • /oic setarena <arena> - Set the current arena to the arena with the given name.
    • /oic addarena <arena> - Create a new arena-node and set the current arena to it.
    • /oic delarena <arena> - Delete the arena with the given name.
    • /oic editarena (<arena>) ([true|false]) - Set/toggle edit mode for an arena. If no arena name is given, the current arena will receive the command. If true/false is not given, the command will work as a toggle. Thus simply typing /oic editarena twice will toggle edit mode on and off for the current arena. Typing /oic editarena <arena> will toggle edit mode for the given arena.
    • /oic protect (<arena>) ([true|false]) - Set/toggle protection for an arena, under the same conditions and with the same syntax of arguments as /oic editarena. If protection is off, players will be able to break the arena region during arena play. Note that this changes the protect-node in the config-file for the specified arena, and that if set to false, this ignores soft-restore: true. Use this only withforce-restore: true, or if you want to rebuild your arena all the time.
    • /oic setregion [p1|p2] - Set the given region point of the current arena.
    • /oic expandregion <amount> [up|down|out] - Expand the current arena's region by blocks either up, down or in all other directions (north, south, east, west).
    • /oic showregion ([glowstone|white|red|green|blue]) - Shows the region of the current arena, given that it is in edit mode. The region is shown as a glass frame by default, but by specifying either glowstone or one of the listed colors, the region frame will be shown as either glowstone blocks or wool blocks with the given color.
    • /oic setlobbyregion [l1|l2] - Set the given lobby region point of the current arena.
    • /oic expandlobbyregion <amount> [up|down|out] - Expand the current arena's lobby region.
    • /oic setwarp [arena|lobby|spectator] - Set the given warp point.
    • /oic spawnpoints - Get a list of spawnpoints for the currently selected arena.
    • /oic addspawn <spawn> - Add a spawnpoint with the given name.
    • /oic delspawn <spawn> - Delete the spawnpoint with the given name.
    These Commands are basically identical to Mob Arena.
    Ideas for permissions:
    oic.player (gives all player commands)
    oic.admin (gives all admin and player commands)
    oic.owner (gives all Player, Admin & Setup commands)

    When I'd like it by: Soon.

    Note, I'd be willing to reward the maker of the project with $$$. Happy Coding :)
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    Hm sounds interesting
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    What happens if all players miss? do they just hit each other with fists?
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    If you miss with your Arrow, you will then have to kill the player by hitting them ten times with your 'knife' which could be a ironsword. Once the player is killed with your knife, you would gain another arrow.
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    So like if the hit them with their sword they get 1 arrow? And if they die their dead?
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    It'll work just like the Call Of Duty game. Simple and fun as that.

    If you don't know how the Call Of Duty OIC works, here is a video that I found that pretty much shows it.
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    Hmm isn't there already a cod minecraft server thing that has this gamemode?
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    So it's done. Really unsure about the linking policy on these forums. Just know that this isnt up on bukkit dev yet so hasnt been cleared by bukkit. You can use something like JD-GUI to check it out , its very small.

    Or you can just build it yourself: Source code

    Jar link:

    Requirements: BattleArena

    BattleArena already handles number of lives, teleportation, inventory etc. So i used that as the API. So anything on the BattleArena can be done with OneInTheChamber.

    Steps to use
    # download and install it and battlearena
    # /oic create <arena name> <--- create a OneInTheChamber arena
    # give people permissions "arena.join.oic", "arena.leave"
    # /oic auto <- automatically start the join phase. /oic auto time=5 <- for 5 minutes
    # let people join

    Players will get teleported into the arena when its going to start and give the items then. You can change all of that in the ArenaOneInTheChamber/OneInTheChamberConfig.yml.

    Damage of the bow and iron_sword and whatever else you want to change is in ArenaOneInTheChamber/config.yml

    I couldnt find a bow drawback, i dont think it exists. So best I could do is allow you to set a velocity multiplier. its in the config too.
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    Oh, ofc. I can just check to see if there is a right click event when you have a bow with an arrow in the inventory.

    Well I'll add that in.. but I'll wait for other feedback first.
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    Hey alkarin. I love it. I'd like some few changes though, and I know thats a lot to ask for as you have already put time to make it. Lets take this to PM so I can discuss your reward and some changes to do.

    Probably, but I don't own it :p

    Just wanted to let everyone know that this plugin is AWESOME thanks to alkarin!

    Just made it into a NukeTown map :)


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    This guy has really nad fps

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